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    ۩۞۩๑ Gantz Club Rpg Online 1.2 ๑۩۞۩

    Post  link182Q on Thu Jan 13, 2011 3:08 pm

    Well I give here to download the version 1.2 ?jeyolth8eihb5oa

    Sorry de game is in spanish not english but perhaps you can do admin in English

    Here I give you the update.

    just download and replace the GFX folder by bringing this into the client folder in your game.


    Download ?t3y3t83y9g21j1o


    / Info - Used / info nombrejugador, you can view information about that player.
    / Connected - List connected users.
    / Where - Coordinates and map where you are.
    / Fps - View current FPS.
    / Inv - View the inventory.
    / States - Command to show your states.
    / Refresh - If the screen is frozen, use this command to refresh.


    / Chat - Using / chat nonbrejugador send an invitation to chat to that player.
    / Rechazarchat - Rejects an invitation to chat personally.
    / Trade - Usa / nombredeljugador trade to trade objects with that player.
    / Accept - Use this command to accept a request to trade.
    / Opt - Use this command to reject a request to trade.
    / Matarmascota - Kill your pet today. Potion can retrieve it with pets.
    / Group - Usa / group and player's name to create / join a group (party) with him.
    / Login - Use this command to enter a group invite.
    / Exit - Use this command to exit the current group.
    / Editordecasas - Use this command to start the editor of houses, if you are in your home.

    Command Staff:

    / / Monitors

    / Time - This command is accompanied by none, rain, snow and thunder.
    / Limpiardueño - This command is used to a house, freeing the current owner to set her free.
    / Expelling - Accompanied by the name of the player, expels him at that moment the server.
    / Loc - Location where you are.
    / Editordemapas - Start the map editor.
    / Reportarmapa - a report yesterday from the map.
    / Setplayersprite - Set a player sprite.
    / Respawn - Respawnea the map where you are.
    / Motd - To change the MOTD message is used / motd text here.
    / Banlist - List of current bans.
    / Reboot - the server will be restarted.
    / Ban - Bans a player.

    You know you need to play the server ip, as sometimes changes, so I'll leave here when they will get only the changed and ready.

    The ip changes every day.

    IP [05-01-2011]

    Tip: The server is having errors, we advise you to go to keep his achievements as q vallan playing. to keep the game close and put them back to light. is only until we can fix it.

    NOTE: Know apologize, we are making improvements to the game server, we take a few days, so no server available at the moment. finish just announce it in the forum. Thanks for understanding! [09/01/2011]

    may only play on the pc is turned on admin

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